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[Upgraded]Vaginal Tightening Rejuvenation Stick with All Natural Herbal Blend, Vaginal Detox for Female Healthy Support, and Fast Result

No more vaginal tightening through surgery or machine!
Rejuvenation Stick makes vaginal epithelial cell healthy and elastic with contraction effect and you can use it easily anywhere anytime since it's made of 100% natural organic ingredients, not having surgery or using machine.

Perfect solution for women! Necessity for confident women!
Have you ever been in trouble with your sex life with husband or boyfriend? There is no need to worry. We will help you have happy and healthy sex life with vaginal tightening stick.

First impression! Refreshing and clean!
With drug effect and all-natural herbal ingredient, your vagina will keep appropriate PH level in perfect and safe way and remove unpleasant feeling in your secret zone. You can satisfy with refreshing and invigorating cleanliness.

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Product Feature

Quick, amazing vaginal tightening effect! - Vaginal Tightening Stick is all made of 100% natural organic ingredients and helps you restore healthy, vaginal elasticity immediately by using 15-30 seconds.
Vaginal detox- It keeps clean, preventing vaginal from body wastes or paper residue and remove bad smell before and after periods.
Very simple and easy - This stick is very helpful to increase elasticity of your vagina easily. Just insert half of the one head into the vagina and rotate 15-30 seconds. It works 3-5 days with 1 use and can last up 3 months.
PH balance maintenance and improvement - It maintains your sensitive vagina's PH balance.

Product Information

Product weight 0.1 pounds
Shipping pack Dimensions 14 x 15 x 57 inches
Shipping pack weight 0.1 pounds
BindingHealth and Beauty
Manufacturer LOKO nature
Studio LOKO nature
Product Group Health and Beauty
Publisher LOKO nature
Package Quantity 1
EAN List 7426835913392

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