Terms & Conditions

The main purpose of bazaarusa.pk is to give our customers a chance to shop online in Pakistan especially in the cities of Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. ‘Terms and Conditions’ are applied to all our sections. Here are the terms and conditions of bazaarusa.pk. We expect from our customers to read and accept the terms and conditions before placing an order to avoid any misconception

  1. It is guaranteed that we import original products from American online stores i.e. eBay, Amazon, Walmart, DHgate etc. But the product origin can probably be from any other country. Because merchants from all over the world sell their products in American Stores.
  2. The purpose of registration is to give you a chance to shop online, or for asking questions from the qualified staff of bazaarusa.pk.
  3. You are allowed to use most part of bazaarusa.pk without registering yourself while to process the order we require your email address, contact number, and postal address.
  4. All these terms and conditions can be changed without noticing the customers and users of bazaarusa.pk.
  5. In case of refund, it is fully on the staff of bazaarusa.pk whether they accept the claim or they reject it according to the policies of bazaarusa.pk.
  6. In case of any illegal activity, we are fully authorized to terminate the order or on your registration without noticing you.
  7. We assume that our customers are either above 18 years of age or are using bazaarusa.pk under the supervision of their parents or guardians.
  8. Laws of Pakistan will be applied regarding the claim of our website material and our products.
  9. We do our best to deliver the orders of our customer within 2-3 weeks. Since we import products from the USA, so there can be some unforeseen circumstances i.e. weather conditions, shipment delay, etc. that may cause the delay in delivery of a product. In any such case in which we have processed the import process, bazaarusa.pk will not allow accepting any claim for refund.
  10. We import products from the USA, so make sure that you have read the specifications, usage and other detail about the products before placing the order.
  11. Once You Have Placed Order, bazaarusa.pk Sales Team Will Confirm Order By Phone Call Within 24 Hours, You Can Cancel Order Till To Confirm On Phone Call, Once Order Processed We Will Not Be Able To Cancel.
  12. It is mandatory for customers to inform us via email regarding any issue e.g. damaged, faulty, malfunctioning or wrong product, etc. within ‘3 days’ of delivery. After ‘3 days’, bazaarusa.pk will not be responsible for any mishap and we will not return the product.
  13. For the Damaged product in transit: Customers can return the products to courier right away and bazaarusa.pk will process the refund within 2-3 days (if any).
  14. For Malfunctioned products: Customers are required to provide us complete detail within 3 days of delivery. We will share the provided detail with our supplier and confirm you the validity (return or refund) within 5-10 days.
  15. There will be no refund or return policy for the following categories of products:
    • Books
    • Apparel Items
    • DVD’s & CD’s
    • Software’s
    • Video Games
    • Products without any serial number or UPC
    • Items with tag “This product is not eligible for return”
  16. Cash on delivery (COD) option is not available in the following categories of items:
    • Apparel (Garments)
    • Mobile Phone Cases & Screen Protectors
    • All kinds of jewelry
    • Shoes
    • Books
    • Customizable Products
  17. Before placing an order, make sure that the product fulfills your technical needs and no illegal ingredient e.g. wine; pig, etc. are present in it. bazaarusa.pk is just your importer of goods and will not provide you any technical support.
  18. Before using any electronic appliance, make sure you do not plug an 110V electronic appliance into 220V socket. In case of any such damage, bazaarusa.pk will not be responsible.
  19. Make sure that you have read and you agree to all the terms and conditions.


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